• Manuloc Poland offers its clients a range of projects tailored to their vehicle in the road – Railway Eurotract , in cooperation with Rail Europe Route .

Manuloc Poland proposed sale or rental of vehicles fully serviced Eurotract, in both cases. Group Manuloc many years working with rail route in Europe, among others, the use of clients, cum ar fi: EDF and Arcelor .


Rail Way Company Europe offers a wide range of market and economic handling modern railway equipment, hauling wagons and locomotives. The design and use of technology road lokotraktora – railway, European railway routes used extensive experience and know-how in developing solutions for road and rail systems.  Seat Rail Europe is the cradle Route steel industry, care, on its height was a major user of rail and had an extensive rail network and a significant number of cars, locomotives, tractors, road – railway wagons to ensure maneuverability in sidings and railway lines. At the moment, lokotraktorów users, locomotives and wagons, in industrial, logistics, ports are connected to a branched network. Knowledge and experience allowed adequate and optimal design solutions to allow vehicles to be included in the rail network and support for railway sidings.  Company Europe rail route implemented its projects through two production facilities in the construction of specialized vehicles, rail and road and railway carriages.


Product Portfolio


Railway routes in Europe are based on the widest range of vehicles, Railway Traction, single framework wagon 5000 tons. The offer includes a complete range of handling and rail and rail vehicles – traffic, adapted to the needs of industrial customers with access to rail lines and rail network connections to run best coaches.

Produse Range

Handling machines range lokotraktorów railway construction stands out especially EUROTRACT Zephir, developed and manufactured more than 30 or de. This satisfies the requirements of UIC (Uniunea International Railway) , has all the facilities covered by the ergonomics and safety of operating personnel comfort and to ensure high performance and reliability.

Performance and modern Europe Way rail products is well recognized on all five continents. Knowledge and Experience Way Rail Europe offers its customers a full performance of hardware and parts warranty on the roads and high satisfaction and user convenience while respecting the standards and conditions in the European Union. Lokotraktorów range provides full handling one or more cars on the composition of divisional railway sidings and a public network. Offering three types of unit: Diesel, Electric şi GPL / LPG, CNG / GN / methane, . a customer will find a wide range of products available and most appropriate according to their needs positive experience on all continents Technology Rail Way (road solutions – railway) allows us to offer RAIL ROUTE EUROPE both sale and rental of rail road cars maneuver allows the user to meet their specific needs handling.

Model Tonnage Traction The maximum speed
EUROTRACT – E1400 14 t 70KN 30 km / h
EUROTRACT – E2000 19 t 100 kN 30 km / h
EUROTRACT – E3000 29 t 160 KN 28 km / h
EUROTRACT – E4000 35 t 200 KN 30 km / h
EUROTRACT – E4500 39 t 230 KN 30 km / h
EUROTRACT – E5000 42 T 260 KN 27 km / h
EURORAIL Track II 10 – 12.5 t 50 – 65 KN 27 km / h
Cuba 4 – 15 t 12 The 100kN 6 km / h
CRAB 4.8 the 15 t 25 – 35 KN 6 / 7 km / h


  • Modern technology and highly cost-beneficial alternative to traditional locomotives. Offering lokotraktory EUROTRACT-Zephir, Way Rail Europe offers a proven technology, over 30 or de, the world leader in this type of machine in railway traction.

effective alternative – rail and versatile Lokotraktor – against. more economical fuel consumption than a traditional locomotive (of 30% Economii of the 50%, depending on configuration). unit takes place through contact with rubber traction railway railway. Acest sistem permite o capacitate de remorcare maximă de tracţiune şi este foarte eficient şi de încredere.

  • Investment cost is reduced by about 50%, and significant fact is to shorten the time of call and maneuvers on rails, because the engine can move beyond the railway network.

system used in cases Lokotraktorze is not dependent on rail turnouts.

  • EUROTRACT-Zephir, used, and the processing solutions are used widely in industry,,ro,mining,,ro,construction,,ro,careers,,ro,Standardization Lokotraktora major components for easy maintenance,,ro,Full information on,,ro (minerit, construcţii, cariere), which greatly facilitates operation and parts availability.

Standardizare Lokotraktora componente majore pentru o intretinere usoara. Informaţii complete la:

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