Of its înfiinţarea, SERM company – first în companie 1964,  Manuloc group strives to provide innovative and effective forefront of the industry involved in handling internal transport. SERM was, probably, prima companie franceză care a semnat un contract de leasing contract "full service" with his client in 1967.

  • Manuloc because this group is today able to offer unique services and benefits sector. Fiind un furnizor independent de multe branduri Manuloc vă oferă o gamă unică de servicii de piaţă şi a produselor.
  • Listening to our customers' expectations is our primary duty. We provide tailored solutions are optimal combinations of services developed over time and where appropriate opportunities for our customers.
  •  Our, also, va evolua, potrivit cu nevoile sale în schimbare.



    So, we can start our cooperation in multi-brand service contract, turning it from time to partial or complete lease, and ends with complete outsourcing of your company. (machinery, people and appropriate software …) international transportation.

    • Be demanding! It is because of your demands and expectations have made progress by creating products and services of tomorrow, that will meet future needs!
    • Date cheie:
    • 1964 – Establishing SERM in Metz.
    • 1967 – The signing of the first term rental contracts (full service). Management Mr.. VERPILLEUX, devine un precursor în închirierea de echipament de manipulare.
    • 1980 – Developing a personalized service activity.
    • 1985 – Sub conducerea Catherine Barthélemy, crearea Grupului MANULOC prin creştere externă.
    • 1985 – Punerea în aplicare MANULOC în Alsacia.
    • 1989 – Punerea în aplicare MANULOC în Bourgogne – Franche Comté.
    • 1990 – Punerea în aplicare a Champagne Ardenne MANULOC.
    • 1999 – dezvoltarea exporturilor prin crearea de MANULOC International.
    • 2000 – Introducere logistica oferta internă.
    • 2006 – Stabilirea de MULTIPARTS (un depozit – distributie a multi-brand piese de schimb).
    • 2008 – Punerea în aplicare Manuloc în Polonia şi România.
    • 2009 – Implementation Manuloc in Switzerland,,ro,Purchase Ammonite group of Hyster Distribution and Philippe de France 1er et Manutention Hyster distributor,,ro,key figures,,ro,trucks,,ro,from which,,ro,managed rent,,ro,employees of the,,ro,technical staff,,ro,Turnover planned,,ro,million,,ro.
    • 2010 – Achiziţionarea Amonitul grup format din Distributie Hyster şi 1er Manutention et Philippe de France distribuitor Hyster.

    Cifrele cheie:

    • 28 000 de camioane , din care 16 000 gestionate în chirie.
    • 1200 de angajaţi din care 750 personal tehnic
    • Cifra de afaceri planificate 2010: 300 de milioane €

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