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Electric Stacker CL-1212,,ro,Permanent Link to Electric Stivuitor CL-1212,,en,View post Electric Stivuitor CL-1212,,en,& Nbsp; Capacity,,ro,The minimum height of the fork kg,,ro,Total height mm,,ro,Fork length mm,,ro,Width mm Fork,,ro,Trolley battery mm Weight,,ro,kg Battery,,ro,Electric forklift CLD-1032FFL,,ro,Permanent Link to Stivuitor electric CLD-1032FFL,,en,View post Stivuitor electric CLD-1032FFL,,en,kg Lifting height,,ro,mm Free lift,,en,mm Height podn,,ro,Fork dollars,,ro,mm Battery,,ro,Pallet Trucks with Scale and HP-ESR20,,ro,Permanent Link to Pallet Trucks with Scale and HP-ESR20,,ro,View Post Pallet Trucks with Scale and HP-ESR20,,ro,mm Steering wheels,,ro,Ø 180x50mm double Vote,,ro,Ø 74x70mm Width Fork,,ro,The size of the forks mm,,ro,50mM Fork length,,ro,The temperature de operare,,bs,Celsius accuracy weighing,,ro


  Capacity: 1200 kg Înălţimea minimă de furcă: 86mm lift height: 1200mm Inaltime totala: 1564mm Durata Furca: 1150mm Lăţime Furca: 570mm Carucior cu acumulator Greutate: 750 kg Acumulator (Ah / In): 210/24  

Stivuitor electric CLD-1032FFL


  Capacity: 1000 kg Inaltime de ridicare: 3110mm Free lift: 1590mm lift height: 2145mm Înălţime podn. Furca de dolari: 105mm. Fork Width: 570mm Durata Furca: 1150mm Acumulator (Ah / In): 200/24

Camioane de paleti cu Scala şi HP-ESR20


Promotion valid while stocks last. Capacity: 2000 kg Înălţimea minimă de furcă: 85mm Max. fork height: 200mm Volane: Ø 180x50mm Vot dublu: Ø 74x70mm Lăţime Furca: 572mm Dimensiunea de furci: 182x50mm Durata Furca: 1150mm Acumulator (pc / in): 4×1.5V Temperatura de operare: 0 – 40 grade Celsius Precizia de cântărire: ± 1 kg […]

PSP-25 Electric Forklift,,ro,Permanent Link to Electric Stivuitor PSP-25,,en,View post Electric Stivuitor PSP-25,,en,The minimum height mm,,ro,Spacing mm Fork,,ro,The maximum width mm,,ro,Motor drive mm,,ro,AC,,en,Electric forklift WP-LPT20,,ro,Permanent Link to Stivuitor electric WP-LPT20,,en,View post Stivuitor electric WP-LPT20,,en,Older Entries,,en


  Capacity: 2500 Center kg weight: 600mm lift height: 130 mm Înălţimea minimă: 85mm Durata Furca: 1150mm Spaţierea Furca:; 560mm Lăţimea maximă: 796mm Motor de antrenare (KW): 3.3 / AC / Battery (In / Ah): 24/360

Stivuitor electric WP-LPT20


  Capacity: 2000 Center kg weight: 600mm lift height: 120mm Înălţimea minimă: 85mm Durata Furca: 1150mm Lăţime Furca: 540mm Acumulator (In / Ah): 24/210